Dharshan "Asura" Moonasar


Dharshan is the current Head of Operations at Nibble Africa. His role has evolved from simple infrastructure implementation to oversee and manage the day-to-day operations of all operational areas, ensuring efficient and effective functioning.


With a background in psychology, Dharshan brings a humanistic approach to people and resource management. With experience in coaching, leading, and mentoring a diverse team of professionals both locally and abroad, his transition into Nibble Africa has been smooth and inspiring. He brings with him a host best practices from a multitude of industries, departments, and academic sources.


Dharshan has a penchant for research which has greatly helped the team to expand their base knowledge on niche matters. 

He is currently undergoing professional development as he pursues his certification as a PMP, further bolstering our capabilities.


E: dharshan [at] nibbleesports [dot] com