Yusuf "Toph" Mulla


From the vibrant landscapes of South Africa to the dynamic streets of Saudi Arabia, my journey has been anything but ordinary. In the virtual world of gaming, I discovered a chance during the COVID-19-induced global pause. I found my calling in the nexus between passion and profession, leading me to the competitive arena of esports. As a semi-professional coach for Counter-Strike with NIBBLE Africa, I later became an esports manager. I not only refined my skills in strategic planning and communication but also mastered the art of teamwork and leadership under pressure.

The transition from the digital frontlines to the entrepreneurial world marked the beginning of my latest adventure‚ÄĒPitstop Prints, an e-commerce venture dedicated to car-themed clothing. This leap into business ownership has been a thrilling ride, teaching me invaluable lessons in resilience, adaptability, and the nuances of office administration. Each challenge I faced and milestone I achieved has been a step towards realising my vision and shaping my path.

E: yusuf [at] nibbleesports [dot] com